Area Rugs

    We donate a portion of our Rug profits monthly to India - to make sure the children of the men who handmade the rug we sell you have a better life. It will also make handmade rugs less common in future generations - and a lot more expensive! Buy from us, and help us increase the value of handmade rugs by eliminating the cheap labor used to make them.

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    Tufted Rug
    In home design consultation available for Tufted and Hand Knotted rugs.
    We have great Shag and Eyeball Shag made with 100% NewZealand Wool.
    Thick pile 100% Wool hand made in India.
    Low Price Guaranty
    If we can't beat a competitors price by 10% or more - DENNIS WILL EAT A BUG RIGHT IN FRONT OF
    Royal Taj Mahal
    Comes in a bunch of sizes and is available today.
    100% Wool
    Hand made Gold from India.
    Hand Made
    Oval, runner, etc.
    We carry more than traditional rugs. We have contemporary and bohemian styles as well.
    These samples are actual corners. We have a HUGE rug rack full of rugs you can have today.
    Casa Cristina
    We carry her full line of sisel rugs.
    A rug for every occasion
    Until you own a handmade rug you just don't know what we are selling here!
    Our manufacturer does not allow us to put the actual names of these on our web site due to our LOW prices. So come on in!
    Mystical Garden Ivory/Black.
    Berry - available in all sizes.
    The technique used to cut the wool is amazing! Hand cut and the leaves are raised.
    Hand Made
    every rug we carry now is hand made and unique, yet affordable.