Armoires & Entertainment Centers
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    We usually have a dozen or more attractive, functional, and reasonably priced armoires available for immediate delivery on display in our store. Armoires have become a better value in the past few years, with many more styles to choose from at substantially lower prices.

    "YES" - that is all we know how to say. You can have it today.

    Please click on a thumbnail below for a larger OPEN DOOR picture.

    Kensington TV Stand
    Only $598 with etched glass and 2-tone finish. Perfect size too. 6/23/07
    Caneel Plantation Plasma
    We have several different styles and piece options. 3/10/06
    This is a true 1 piece armoire. Notice the tall beautiful doors. We have 9 in stock right now, plus the entire bedroom suite. Special Web price only $1,298 while overstock lasts. 4/11/05
    Valenza by Magnussen
    Armoire includes power strip for entertainment center or hanging bar for clothing. Holds up to a 42" flat screen tv. 02/24/08
    I do NOT know how to put this armoire into words. This picture does NO JUSTICE to the magnificence of this piece. The doors are almost 2 feet thick. Web special only $1,698. 4/11/05
    Napolean Armoire
    100% hand carved wood - no resin here. Matching bedroom set is available. 2/15/07
    Metal panel door armoire. Tall 1 piece doors with plenty of storage inside. A gorgeous accent to any bonus room for only $1,448. 6/16/06
    Hooker Media Cabinet
    45"w x 24"d x 58"h Rich distressed finish with lots of depth. Warm colors not seen in picture. Come in to see in person. 02/24/08
    Plama Wall Unit
    Use for Plasma of any size, or DLP. $1,996 gets the whole thing, or $998 gets the bottom unit. In stock and very versatile. 9/24/06
    Philippe Langdon Bar Cabinet
    Huge solid hinges anchor the locking storage doors as you open up to a lighted bar area click picture to see open door view. 03/05/08
    Plasma or DLP tv stand from Canterbury Home. Only $598 - take it home today. 6/15/07
    Casa Molino Curio
    This is a beautiful yet masculine curio cabinet. With Iron accents, hand carved dark walnut wood and two glass shelves. 4/11/05
    Steinworld Black Leather
    Two things you should notice. 1) This is a 1 piece armoire with gorgeous tall doors. 2) It is only $1,198! That is a very special price for this armoire. 4/11/05
    Steinworld Ostrich Leather
    NO we didn't use a real ostrich for this. But if you want to tell your friends it's real go right ahead! This is a 'Stand Alone' piece designed to augment your other decor. It is very unique. 4/11/05
    Hooker ArmBar
    This picture doesn't show the gorgeous finish this piece has. 50"x 28"x82" 1/1/08
    Hooker Armbar Inside View